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The Benefits of Pilates for Runners

The Impact of Running

It’s natural to assume that the more you run, the more attuned you get to the movements of your body and the more your body achieves optimal fitness. Actually, while running is excellent for cardiovascular health, it often throws parts of your body into asymmetric relationships.

When a person runs, the pressure on the body is sustained and intense, with the impact extending up from the lower body to the lumbar spine and ribs. Using the body incorrectly or training too aggressively can push different areas of the body out of alignment.

“Common running injuries stem from tight, weak hips, and typical muscle weakness and imbalances in the abdominals, gluteals and leg [stabilizers],” said Irish physiotherapist Margaret Fitzgibbon. “This can result in a variety of ailments, from lower back pain to hip and knee problems.”

Pilates to Keep Runners Balanced

Pilates to Keep Runners Balanced Shafter, CATypically participating in a single Pilates session every week is sufficient to prevent chronic pain from ruining your workouts.

The basic goal with Pilates is to develop the core, bolster respiratory health, enhance muscular suppleness, and help the spine maintain its upright, natural position.

By bringing any imbalances back into line, Pilates guides the body into a position in which the impact of running is distributed more evenly. That even distribution of force is essential to managing and healing any conditions that stem from repetitive strain.

According to Joseph Pilates, the central objective of healthy physical activity should be to use motions that leverage the weight of the body. Pilates’ fitness routines incorporate elements such as breathing, focus, and equilibrium of all body structures and systems.

“As in all types of training, consistency will produce results,” noted Fitzgibbon. “[R]esearch has shown that a six week core-strength [program] reduced participants’ 5km times by approximately one minute.”

6 Benefits of Pilates

Here are several ways that Pilates helps with physical fitness:

  1. Strengthens the core, abdomen, and back
  2. Stabilizes spinal alignment
  3. Broadens the diaphragm for easier access to oxygen
  4. Better integrates the body and mind
  5. Creates better awareness of your position in space
  6. Enhances mobility and flexibility.

All the above advantages of Pilates can help you run faster while preventing injury and reducing pain.

Expert Guidance

Knowing to incorporate Pilates with your running is helpful. However, imbalances associated with running are often firmly entrenched. For those cases, Envista Medical’s integrative team can help with a holistic plan that uses non-surgical methods for pain treatment.