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Patient Reviews

We value our customer’s experience at Washington Care Clinic.
Below are some client testimonials we wanted to share.

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I absolutely love this office!

“I absolutely love this office! Front desk are very friendly and nice. All staff are very respectful and willing to help you. Everyone’s knows your name, which let you know that, the personnel recognize you as an individual. If you are looking for a complete care with knowledgeable doctors and chiropractors, then take the time and visit Envista Medical. By the way most of the staff are bilingual including the doctors.”

Sandra K.

Chiropractic care is worth it

“Chiropractic care is worth it, Dr. Barns!”

Teresa A.

After Treatment I Can Now Turn My Neck

“When I first came to the Neck And Back Integrative Medical Center I could not turn my neck without having to turn my entire body. My back was stiff and my neck felt like it was locked up as well. After treatment I can now turn my neck without having to turn my body and my back feels a lot more better. I have zero complaints about the staff! They have been wonderful to work with and I highly recommend this clinic.”