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Injured in a Car Accident? Seek an Immediate Medical Evaluation

It’s not always easy to think clearly when you get into a car accident. A natural response is to want everything to get back to normal, but injuries often occur that aren’t immediately apparent.

If there are any signs at all of car accident injury, seeking medical attention and chiropractic care is crucial – not just for your body, but also for any insurance claim you may want to make.

Signs That you Might Need Injury Care

car-accident“Symptoms of a serious injury are not immediately visible,” explained private information site DMV.org. You may experience pain, dizziness, or numbness right away; or symptoms could take up to a few weeks to become evident.

You want to have a doctor examine you following a car accident – both for your health and because it gradually becomes more challenging to legally prove (for insurance and legal purposes) that the car accident injury is causing your symptoms.

At the Accident Site and After the Visit

First, collect evidence of the car accident injury yourself:

  • Snap pictures of any abrasions, contusions, etc., with your cell phone.
  • Write down anything you feel that might suggest injury.

When you leave the office, retain receipts, and start a tally of what you’ve paid.

Special Instructions: Children

Was your child in the car with you? It’s especially important that they receive traditional medical and chiropractic care soon afterward, since they won’t always be able to adequately express what they are experiencing.

Your son or daughter may appear to be okay, but again, symptoms aren’t always obvious right away.

Special Instructions: Pregnant Women

“Car accidents are frightening regardless of when they occur,” said DMV.org, “but a crash can be especially traumatic for pregnant women.” Possible tragedies that can arise include pre-term labor, miscarriage, and placental abruption.

For these reasons, pregnant women should see medical professionals as soon as possible.

Err on the Side of Caution

Part of the reason that we have insurance and the legal system is to protect our finances and health in these types of situations. Don’t delay your traditional medicine and chiropractic care visit.

At Envista Medical, our medical doctors and chiropractors can help you with a holistic plan that uses nonsurgical, minimally invasive pain treatments. Get a free consultation now.