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Non-Opioid Treatment Options for Pain Management

Opioids are a type of drug most commonly found in the poppy plant. Today there are several types of opioids in which they’re derived from the poppy plant, they’re half manufactured, half natural, and there are those that are completed manufactured in a lab. Opioids are highly addictive, but they can also be effective in blocking the pain. This is why doctors today are still prescribing opioids. Even women who have just given birth get morphine or Percocet (types of opioids) to help with the pain after a cesarean section.

About 20% of Americans complain about pain to their primary doctors. However, another significant percentage thinks they can manage their pain with pain medications. The problem is that pain medication only temporarily blocks your pain receptors; it doesn’t get to the root cause of your pain. It’s important to understand the type of pain you’re experiencing and what’s causing that pain. There are several treatment options for pain management that don’t require opioids or other forms of medication.

Chiropractic Care Shafter, CA.

Chiropractic Care

With chiropractic care, your doctor could perform spinal decompression, which is great for your lower back and neck. This treatment uses a decompression bed that elongates your spine, therefore allowing oxygen to flow. Anybody who suffers from sciatica would benefit from spinal decompression. Your chiropractor could also perform adjustments to your body to ensure that it’s working efficiently. Often, pain is caused by bad posture and regular visits to your chiropractor, and simple lifestyle adjustments can go a long way to help with pain management or pain relief.

Trigger Point Injections

Chiropractic Care Arvin CaSometimes the pain you’re feeling on one side of your body can be caused by a tight muscle on another part of your body. When your muscles get tight and form knots, and you’re experiencing pain in other parts of your body, this is known as trigger points. Trigger point injections (TPI) can be used to relax those triggered muscles. TPI consist of plant-based anti-inflammatory medication. This can be a great option for someone who suffers from fibromyalgia or tension headaches.

Opioid medication doesn’t have to be the only medication you consume for pain relief, and it definitely doesn’t have to be the first option. When opioids were first introduced to the market, there wasn’t sufficient data on addiction, nor was there enough data for other forms of pain relief. This is why doctors started pushing for opioids because once prescribed, they saw a significant decrease in pain complaints from their patients. However, now they realize how addicting it is, and there is enough data to support non-opioid treatment options for pain management.

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