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6 Signs It’s Time For an Adjustment

Chiropractic care is an all-natural form of therapy that doesn’t involve invasive procedures or surgery. If you’re suffering any of the following six symptoms, our chiropractors will work with you on adjusting your body, reaching your wellness goals, and effectively restoring your overall health.

  1. Chronic Headaches or Migraines

    Headaches can stem from many different issues but are primarily caused by joint irritation or muscle tension. Chiropractors help to alleviate the tension that causes headaches and migraines, through spinal manipulation and active or passive adjustments. Chiropractic doctors focus on restoring balance to your structure, taking pressure off vital areas to your spine, and reducing the pain in your head.

  2. Pain From Repetitive Tasks

    Repetitive tasks, poor ergonomics, or sitting for long periods puts stress and strain on the body. While it’s ideal to keep your body moving, a chiropractic doctor will be able to help with deeper issues. A chiropractor can help develop a plan suited to your individual needs, keep you motivated and accountable, and improve your body in the long-term.

  3. Persistent Neck Pain

    If you’re having difficulty turning your head, or are struggling to make it through the day without neck pain, it’s time to make an appointment with your a chiropractor. The nerves in your neck provide a pathway for your nervous system to influence the rest of your body. By manipulating your body and realigning your structure, chiropractors can help take pressure off your system and relieve your persistent neck pain.

  4. Nagging Lower Back Pain

    If the lower back pain has persisted for at least six weeks, and it is not going away or maybe even getting worse, it’s time to see a chiropractic doctor. Just remember that while painful, most back pain is not ominous.

  5. Back Stiffness

    Back pain is usually concentrated to either: soreness, tension or stiffness. When your back is stiff, it usually means that something is wrong. Back stiffness can limit your movement and possibly even cause further damage, so getting to your chiropractor can put you at ease.

  6. Regular Joint Pain

    What to Expect From Your First Chiropractic Visit ShafterJoint pain may even be an early indicator of something more serious, such as rheumatoid arthritis or even bone cancer. By visiting a chiropractor, you will not only find a remedy for your pain, but you’ll get a chance to get ahead of illness.

What to Expect From Your First Chiropractic Visit

Although the causes of your pain, your symptoms, or the severity of your injuries are exclusive to you, your first chiropractic visit will help us understand your condition and what we can do to relieve your pain. We’ll help develop a personal treatment plan that’s designed to help you manage your pain, so you can get back to moving again.

If you are looking for an all-natural pain relief center in Bakersfield, Shafter, Arvin, or any nearby city in California, call Envista Medical today at (661) 380-7222 for a complimentary consultation. Our chiropractors will diagnose your specific condition and develop a well-rounded approach that actively informs and involves you through your rehabilitation journey.