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Why Knee Conditions Can Worsen With Age

We are likelier to seek knee pain relief as we get older. The process of cartilage deterioration, amount of force the knees must bear, and additional factors associated with aging all explain why knee pain tends to become worse as we age – leading to the need for non-surgical knee pain treatments.

Cartilage Deteriorates Naturally.

There is natural padding provided by cartilage in a healthy joint, with the synovium improving the health of the cartilage through synovial fluid generation. As the cartilage degrades, the synovium can become thick and inflamed – which may in turn result in excess fluid production, swelling, and OA. Whether OA fully develops or not, aging naturally leads to some amount of cartilage deterioration and related knee pain.

The Force on Your Knees Can be Multiple Times Your Body Weight

It is understandable that knee pain relief is more commonly sought as people get older when you consider the extent to which they are used. We use them for walking, running, standing, and sitting. Plus, the degree of force that the knees must bear at times is extreme. The amount of pressure on the knees is 50% more than your body weight when you walk. This force is amplified when climbing stairs or squatting. With the former, your knees experience pressure equal to 2-3 times your body weight; and with the latter, the knees are delivered force that is 4-5 times your weight. This understanding of how much weight your knees bear makes it easier to understand why aging is often accompanied by knee pain.

Other Age-Related Factors are Involved

Finally, various factors that are associated with aging can prompt people to experience more knee pain. These elements, which often lead people to seek knee pain treatments in Bakersfield, include:

  • Muscle changes – When we walk and perform other motions, some of the pressure on our legs is assumed by the legs and hips. Typically, a person will become weaker between the ages of 20 and 60, during which the muscles will become up to 40% smaller. The reduced muscular support results in knee pain.
  • Obesity – People who become heavier as they get older could mean that their knees become weaker from the extra pressure. In turn, the knees naturally start to experience more wear and tear. Being overweight also contributes to osteoarthritis.
  • Osteoarthritis – Osteoarthritis, casually called wear-and-tear arthritis, is behind most knee pain in older patients. The increasing prevalence of arthritis as we age is clear in statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which show OA occurring in 34% of US men and women aged 65 and over – compared to 14% of adults aged 24 and over.

Knee Pain Treatments in Bakersfield

Are you in need of knee pain relief in Bakersfield? At Envista Medical, we offer non-surgical knee pain treatments for those suffering from osteoarthritis, chronic pain, and more.