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5 Surprising Weight Loss Solutions for the New Year

If you’re like most Americans, you’re celebrating the year change with resolutions of more activity and weight loss. However, if setting that same intention has become an annual tradition for you, it might be that your ambitions are among the 92% that don’t last the year, according to a University of Stanford study. If you’re really serious about taking control of your health and fitness, real change will only come from making real changes. What are some surprising ways to support your healthy goals in 2019?

1. Relish in a Regular Routine

American author and motivational speaker John C. Maxwell is quoted as saying “The secret of your success is found in your daily routine,” and this is especially true when it comes to making lasting changes in your health. If you consider that your current state of wellness is an exact product of your current daily habits, it only makes sense to examine your routines and to adopt more stabilizing, supportive practices to achieve goals of weight loss and better health.

2. Cycle with the Sun

Before the convenience of electricity in every home, humans went to bed shortly after sunset and rose with the dawn, and it was easy to align ourselves with the simple cycles of nature. Nowadays, we stay up all hours of the night and experience difficulty in both sleeping and rising, and just a night of poor sleep can compromise health; a University of Chicago study found that sleep deprivation had negative impacts on the body’s ability to regulate appetite and energy. Practice better “sleep hygiene” by creating an evening routine that eliminates stimulating electronics after 9 PM, and has you in bed to rest by 10 PM, as often as possible.

3. Clean Up Your Act

A surprising contributor to built-up body weight is waste and toxins in the body. When we lack the support needed to remove the residue of our exposure to unnatural chemicals and from incomplete digestion, the gut triggers increased consumption, so the body has excess calories to wrap the toxins in a protective layer of fat. Adopting cleansing practices like body brushing to eliminate lymph, using a sauna for a purifying sweat, and consuming naturally gelatinous foods like aloe, chia, or similar fiber supplements can help move blocking byproducts from the body’s tissues.

4. Restore Your Reserves

We live increasingly busy lives, and it’s easy for our reserves to get depleted. Compromised energy levels lead to a compromised state of health and running on ‘E’ for too long will likely leave the body unable to operate at ideal capacity. If you’re feeling “wiped out,” plan a daily period of rest for the whole self, and consider adding practices like gentle yoga, meditation, or time in nature or silence.

5. Seek Support

There are as many reasons for challenges with weight loss as there are people, and you will greatly improve the odds of success if you look into attaining medical support through a reputable weight loss clinic. Long term issues with overweight and obesity are typically medical conditions and seeking support for a compromised physical state is the same as getting a cast fitted on a broken arm. Consider a comprehensive medical support plan and look forward to your healthiest year yet!

Is it Time to Shed the Old to Welcome the New You?

If you’re ready to make the changes that will help you create a new body and a new life, there’s no better place to learn more about successful weight loss than Bakersfield’s own Envista Medical. Our caring staff of medical professionals will provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan that supports every challenge and aspect of healthy and permanent weight loss. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our program; today is the first day of the rest of your healthy life!