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Non-surgical Treatment Options for Arthritis Pain Relief

Arthritis is extremely common in the United States. There are about 3 million cases per year. This unfortunate condition cannot be cured, but it can be treated and managed.

For some, arthritis can last for a short time, but it can be a lifelong journey for others. Self-care treatment can be a temporary option to help ease any pain or discomfort, Such as using a heating pad or cold compress. Therapies like massages, stretching, and acupuncture may also help alleviate the pain for a short period of time. For more severe cases, surgery is often recommended.

Thankfully, for those looking for more safe and effective methods of pain relief, we have non-surgical treatment options, such as PRP injections.

What is PRP and How Can it Help Relieve Arthritis Pain?

PRP for Arthritis Pain Relief Shafter, CAPRP injections or Platelet-Rich Plasma can help ease the symptoms associated with arthritis. The process is simple and starts with you. First, a blood draw is taken, then it is spun in a centrifuge to separate the platelets from the rest of the blood cells. This platelets are the extracted and reinjected into the area of pain or damage. The platelets rush immediately to the site of injury and start to repair and restore damaged tissue.

PRP goes beyond prescription pain relief to boost the ability to identify and defend the exact source or region of the injured joint. The average PRP injection treatment lasts roughly 30 minutes.

What Is Arthritis?

Arthritis happens when inflammation of at least one joint causes pain, discomfort, and stiffness throughout the day. The most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Osteoarthritis causes the cartilage in the joints to deteriorate. Cartilage is the tissue that covers the part of the bone where a joint is formed. Rheumatoid arthritis is a condition in which the immune system attacks the joints.

What Are the Symptoms?

There are many symptoms of arthritis, the most common being pain, swelling, stiffness in and around the area of discomfort, and a highly reduced range of motion. Symptoms can range from mild to severe depending on the type of arthritis and how long the patient has had it. Pain can occur in the joints located near the ankle, wrists, back, neck, and other muscles and areas throughout the body. Some people may experience sharp or dull aches while standing, walking, or lying down.

And worst cases, arthritis in the hands or feet can cause physical deformities. For example, bumps or outgrowths of the bone can happen on the fingers and toes. This can cause tenderness and swelling.

If you or a loved one are suffering from arthritis pain and would like to find out more information about non-surgical treatment options in Bakersfield, Shafter, or any surrounding city in California, Please call Envista Medical at (661)587-0700.