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Non-Surgical Spine Treatments in Bakersfield

The spine, or backbone, protects the spinal cord and is critical to our ability to bend our backs and stand. The spine starts to become narrower when you have spinal stenosis. If you do begin to suffer from this disease, you may experience a lot of pain arising from compression of your spinal cord and nerves as the channel becomes increasingly narrower. While there are various causes of this condition, with a diagnosis of spinal stenosis, Bakersfield and Shafter patients can benefit from the expertise of a professional medical team that treats the source of their pain.

Causes of Spinal Stenosis 

The majority of people who are diagnosed with spinal stenosis are at least 50 years old, so one could say the primary cause is the aging process. While those who are younger are generally free of the illness, their likelihood of experiencing it rises if their spinal canals are particularly narrow from birth, or if they suffer an injury. The disease also occurs frequently among those who already suffer from scoliosis or arthritis. When experiencing spinal stenosis, Shafter and Bakersfield residents may also have any of the following symptoms:

  • Pain or functional issues with the feet
  • Radiating pain running from the lower back down toward the feet (sciatica)
  • Pain, cramps, diminishing strength, or numbness in limbs
  • Pain in the back or neck

Note that spinal stenosis can also be asymptomatic, meaning that it occurs in the absence of any symptoms. Since the condition can be tricky to detect, diagnostic imaging and physical examinations assist a physician in determining if you have spinal stenosis. When people are diagnosed, they are often interested in getting treatments that are 100% natural.

3 All-Natural Treatments for Spinal Stenosis & Back Pain

Knowing what often causes spinal stenosis can relieve some confusion, but patients are mostly interested in how to recover. You can try these all-natural approaches:

1.) Heat Therapy 

To alleviate spinal stenosis and back pain, you can soothe muscles of your lower back with heat. This treatment improves the circulation in the area, making it easier to heal.

2.) Regular Physical Exercise 

Stretching throughout the day and getting consistent physical workouts can prevent spinal compression and alleviate back pain. These exercises should engage the muscles of your back. After all, staying in one spot is hard on your body, as indicated by research on sedentary behavior that shows three hours of sitting per day can take up to two years off a person's life.

You want to get moving, gradually increasing distance, speed, and reps as you develop more tolerance and strength. By using a program that blends bodyweight activities with aerobic exercises for spinal stenosis, Bakersfield and Shafter residents can improve the flexibility of their joints while making them stronger and reducing inflammation.

3.) All-Natural Multidisciplinary Care

Regardless what caused your spinal stenosis or chronic back pain, a blend of all-natural spine treatments can help you recover, extending beyond exercise and heating to professional care. Incorporating a multidisciplinary approach can be effective – combining treatment methods such as interventional pain medicine, physiotherapy, spinal decompression, and chiropractic care.

At Envista Medical in Bakersfield, we provide natural healing techniques through medical and chiropractic care, delivering pain relief to those with spinal stenosis and back pain. Contact us today!