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Non-Surgical Options for Shoulder Pain

If you are looking for alternative solutions to heal without medications or surgery, there are multiple non-invasive options available for the treatment of shoulder pain.

Potential Causes For Shoulder Pain Shafter, CA

Potential Causes of Your Shoulder Pain

Your pain may be the result of inflammation, injury, or degeneration due to gradual wear. Overuse, sprains, or strains are also common causes of shoulder pain and are the primary causes of arthritis. If your shoulder is worn down through years of use or rigorous work, the more at risk you are for developing osteoarthritis.

If you experience chronic pain or reduced mobility in your shoulder, invasive surgery is not your only option. We offer advanced medical treatments designed to accelerate healing and relieve pain in shoulder joints.

Platelet-Rich Plasma for Painful Shoulders

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can provide pain relief that is effective and long-lasting without invasive treatment options like surgery. PRP is a natural treatment with a low risk of infection or other complications. These treatments work by addressing and correcting the root cause of the discomfort, rather than masking your symptoms. They are effective in treating rotator cuffs, tendon or ligament tears, labrum damage, and more.

PRP therapy injections are made from your blood, ensuring that there are no chemicals, substances, or foreign matter being delivered to the shoulder. With a high concentration of platelets, proteins, and growth factors that are critical in the repair and regeneration of tissues, PRP is a viable minimally invasive alternative to surgery.

Platelet-rich plasma orchestrates healing processes in the body. Injections contain healing cells and call others in the body to get to work on repairs. PRP is particularly sought after for arthritis pain relief and may be ideal for your sore shoulder. This treatment is non-invasive and performed right in our office. We are committed to helping you regain mobility in your arms, instead of resorting to prescription medication or surgery.

Our doctor’s goal is to help you achieve optimal joint mobility in your shoulders for whole-body health and a happier, more fulfilling life.

If you've been told that surgery is your only choice for shoulder pain relief, consider scheduling a consultation with us to discuss alternative treatment solutions.