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Muscle Spasms are a Leading Cause of Back Pain

According to the Global Burden of Disease 2010, more people suffer from low back pain than any other health condition. Annually, back pain symptoms impact half of all working people in the United States. The number of annual doctor visits for back pain is second only to upper-respiratory infections.

There are numerous reasons why back pain may occur. The likeliest cause is muscle spasms. This article provides information on the connection between spasms and pain; at-home treatment and prevention advice; and the best professional back spasms treatment Bakersfield or Shafter has to offer.

How Muscle Spasms Impact the Back 

Back pain is most often caused by damage within the lumbar spine in the lower back. This damage – typically arising from a sports injury, accident, or overuse – leads to the muscle spasms and, in turn, pain. Because spasms usually result from spinal damage, they should not be mistaken for the primary cause even though they are the most common cause linked to the disease.

Spasms occur when you experience muscular contractions within your back that are sudden and involuntary. While the spasms may seem to arise spontaneously, they result gradually from a series of minor strains to the spinal structures. The cumulative effect of these small injuries is inflammation that in turn leads to nerve sensitization and, eventually, muscle spasms.

The development of spasms is disconcerting and problematic because they can compromise the balance and stability provided by healthy back muscles.

Treating and Preventing Back Spasms 

Try this at-home back spasms treatment Shafter and Bakersfield residents often find gives them relief:

  • Ice prevents inflammation. Every two hours for the first 48-72 hours, ice the area while lying on your back, for 20 minutes at a time. Rather than exposing your skin directly to ice, use an ice pack.
  • Heat relaxes your muscles while bolstering blood flow. After 72 hours, switch from ice to a heating pad, or draw a warm bath and soak your back in it.
  • To remove spinal pressure and alleviate pain, prop up your legs.
  • After the spasms have stopped and the inflammation has dissipated, prevent future episodes with gentle stretching, regular physical exercise, and strength training.

Addressing the Root Cause

Unfortunately, treating the spasms does not address the root cause; and physical conditioning may not be enough on its own – or may initially be too painful. To treat the root cause for effective long-term relief, the injury to the spine must be addressed.

At Envista Medical in Bakersfield near Shafter, we provide natural healing techniques through medical or chiropractic care, bringing relief to patients in pain. With our trusted and proven back spasms treatment, patients can find relief and restore their quality-of-life. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!