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Finding Carpal Tunnel Relief at Home

Are you experiencing abnormal sensations (such as numbness, tingling, or weakness) on the thumb side of your hand? You may have carpal tunnel syndrome; when confronted with this condition, it is natural to be worried about the possibility of a future surgery. However, there are do-it-yourself strategies you can use to relieve the pain.

7 at home-remedies for carpal tunnel

Here are a few ways to alleviate symptoms on your own, so that your quality-of-life can be maintained regardless of this diagnosis:

  1. Be aware of flexion. You want your wrists to be in a neutral position as much as possible. Any instances of significant flexing of the wrists should be avoided.
  2. Go for the heat. Move your hand within water that is between 92 and 100 degrees three or four times daily.
  3. Leverage cold. Use an ice bath for 10-15 minutes as much as twice an hour.
  4. Don't keep going. Everyone wants to get a task complete in one sitting. However, one key to forward motion for carpal tunnel relief (and symptom reduction for any repetitive strain disorder) is to take breaks. A good way to mandate breaks is to set a timer at 15 minutes, and use the alarm religiously to stop and stretch.
  5. Try a wrist splint. Getting a split to keep your wrist in place can reduce flexion and generally improve alignment.
  6. Control the temperature of your digits. Maintaining warmness of your hands and fingers will limit any feelings of pain or stiffness you might experience.
  7. Stay flexible. Whether you are at your desk or standing in line, use simple stretches (such as alternating a fist and fully extended hand) to stay limber.

4 supplements that can help with carpal tunnel relief

Beyond the methods listed above, one final core way to achieve carpal tunnel relief is through what you eat. Nutritional progress can be made with an anti-inflammatory diet; supplements can also be powerful. Four supplements that many people find are effective for reducing their pain and inflammation are bromelain (3 times per day, 100 mg), Vitamin B6 (3 times between meals, 500 mg), ginkgo biloba (2 times per day, 120 mg), and magnesium complex (2 times per day, 250 mg with 500 mg calcium).

Expert help for carpal tunnel relief

Experiencing the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome can be extraordinarily frustrating; after all, we do need our hands to do just about everything. Beyond the above at-home tactics, you may also benefit from professional help. At Envista Medical, we work with you to develop a holistic plan that uses non-surgical, minimally invasive methods for pain treatment. See our bold philosophy.