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How Chiropractic Care Can Impact Your Overall Health

Throughout the United States, 8.4% of people used chiropractic treatment at some point during 2012 – a total of 19.4 million individuals. The population of chiropractic patients grew to 22 million by 2017, suggesting that the percentage of people getting chiropractic adjustments also increased, to 9.1%.

People will often first visit a chiropractor when they have intense neck or back pain that needs alleviation. Spinal manipulation can also serve a preventive function and have general wellness benefits. Keep in mind that the goal of chiropractic therapy is overall health improvement; while centered on treatments for the nervous and musculoskeletal system, this field of medicine intends to remove blockages (called subluxations) within your electrical communication system.

Conditions for Which Chiropractic has Proven Effective


Researchers compared chiropractic care to corticosteroid injections. Visiting a chiropractor helped to alleviate pain and restore function in 72 percent of patients, while only 50 percent of those who received injections reported the same improvements.


In one study on headaches, 49 percent of people said their symptoms were substantially lower after treatment by a chiropractor, with 22% saying their pain plummeted to 10% of its original intensity.

Colic, Ear Infection and Acid Reflux in Kids

Chiropractic care is incredibly effective at treating colic, according to a published review of 26 studies. While there are plenty of case studies showing recovery from acid reflux and ear infection among children, few studies of any volume have been completed in the area. However, one acid reflux study was incredibly compelling, suggesting that the condition could be completely resolved in just 90 days, with a “notable” reduction in symptom severity and frequency following four appointments.

Hypertension (high blood pressure)

A single chiropractic adjustment to the cervical spine (the area of the neck) has the same benefits in alleviation of high blood pressure as two hypertension prescriptions medications, according to a study from the Human Journal of Hypertension.

Sports performance

Chiropractic care has been a routine part of the lives of dominant professional athletes across sports. Doctors of chiropractic (DCs) are on the payrolls of most NFL teams, so that players are able to get adjustments immediately.

The Best Choice in a Chiropractor

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