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5 Health Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Interest and use of chiropractic is large and growing in the United States. Beyond pain relief, how are people benefiting from these treatments? One patient explains her perspective.

How Big is Chiropractic? (Statistics)

We often hear chiropractic described as alternative medicine or complementary medicine, but it is quickly becoming mainstream. A total of 75,000 chiropractors currently operate in the United States. There are 3141 counties nationwide, which means there are about two dozen chiropractors per county (on average). Furthermore, the chiropractic field is not just large but growing, with the population of chiropractors expected to grow 15% over the next 10 years.

The Personal Experience of a Professional Writer

chiropracticChiropractors are obviously experts at the field of medicine, but patients often feel that it’s helpful to hear the perspective of another patient who can more immediately relate to their experience.

Christina DeBusk, a professional writer who has personally struggled with chronic pain that was damaging her quality-of-life, had amazing success with chiropractic treatment. She shared her findings (from direct observation and research) on the numerous benefits of this form of medicine that go beyond its ability to alleviate pain.

Here are the five benefits:

  1. Improved Mobility - You may feel that pain is the health issue you most want to target, but the good news is that a chiropractor will also help you achieve better mobility, DeBusk explains. “You enjoy the full range of motion that you need to engage in day to day activities, such as doing laundry or keeping up with yard work,” she says. “Your arms and legs move like they’re supposed to.”
  2. Smoother Digestion - By improving the body’s autonomic nervous system communication through the spine, you can make a major impact on digestive function. In fact, you can prompt your body to reduce constipation and better eliminate all its waste, resulting in the additional benefit of detoxification.
  3. Stronger Reproductive Organs - Women who are trying to get pregnant may be more successful when their backs are adjusted into the healthiest possible position. Some women also report that chiropractic helps to relieve the pain of menstrual cramps.
  4. Optimized Immune System - Clearly it is not good for your immune system to be trying to operate through a spine that is out of alignment, DeBusk comments. “Your brain has to have open access to all cells in your body,” she says. “[I]f even one part of your spinal column is out of place you are left with cells that aren’t operating at maximum capacity – which opens them up to illness and disease.”
  5. No Drugs - Finally, chiropractic is 100% free of pharmaceutical drugs.

Realizing the Benefits

Are you ready to experience the many benefits of chiropractic described above? At Envista Medical, our doctors will immediately address your current pain—but we’re also focused on correcting your structure to achieve lasting alleviation and wellness.