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chiropractic treatments in bakersfield

Roughly 31 million men and women in the United States suffer from lower back pain at any given moment. Anyone familiar with the sensation knows that it can feel debilitating. Not only is the pain severe, but it can become so persistent that it sabotages your daily life. One of the most common reasons cited for workplace absence is, in fact, back pain.

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Spine Treatments Bakersfield, CA

The spine, or backbone, protects the spinal cord and is critical to our ability to bend our backs and stand. The spine starts to become narrower when you have spinal stenosis. If you do begin to suffer from this disease, you may experience a lot of pain arising from compression of your spinal cord and nerves as the channel becomes increasingly narrower. While there are various causes of this condition, with a diagnosis of spinal stenosis, Bakersfield and Shafter patients can benefit from the expertise of a professional medical team that treats the source of their pain.

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