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Failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS) is common. Left untreated, its impact can be life-altering, impacting not just your body but your mental health, interpersonal capabilities, and financial standing. Decompression therapy helps treat FBSS so that it does not persist, threatening your ongoing quality of life.

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Some back and neck pain can be resolved by making a few modifications to your daily routine. If any of the following apply to you start making these adjustments today. Then contact us to learn how our treatments might be able to help you find advanced back and neck pain relief.

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When To Seek Treatment for Low Back Pain Bakersfield, CA

Low back pain is a common complaint. In fact, the Mayo Clinic has reported that lower back pain relief is one of the top three reasons that people see a doctor in America. Low back pain treatment varies depending on the underlying cause. Your chiropractor can help you determine the cause and help you avoid more invasive and risky procedures with the use of chiropractic treatment.

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During the nine months of pregnancy, your body goes through an incredible number of physical changes, many of which contribute to various degrees of back pain. After delivery, you may be thinking that the worst is over, but your recovery will be unpredictable and back pain may be lingering. Are you nursing a hurting back? Here are some reasons your post-baby back may be giving you grief.

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