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Spinal Decompression – How Does it Work for Back Pain?

Spinal decompression is a form of therapy in which a traction table or other device stretches the spine in order to alleviate back or leg pain. The treatment method is FDA-approved, and its proponents say that it can benefit your health in numerous ways.

Although hearing the perspectives of doctors and other experts can be informative, it’s often more convincing to look at the experience of patients whose chronic back pain has been treated with spinal decompression. Here are the perspectives of several individuals who shared their stories through Spine-health.

back painGeorgia man – 90% improvement after two weeks

Jim, who lives in Georgia, explained that he had two herniated disks in his lower back. He tried physical therapy and various medications but wasn’t finding any relief. His orthopedist referred him to a chiropractor for spinal decompression.

“Within two weeks I was 90% better,” explained Jim. “I don’t know whom I love more, my chiropractor or my orthopedic doctor who recommended the spinal decompression.”

Jim added that he was fully recovered after five weeks of back pain relief treatments.

back painOhio factory worker – Relief from one treatment

Mark, a 31-year-old factory worker in Ohio, noted that he had a protruding disk in his lumbar spine. He had suffered from pain in his back and legs for almost a year before visiting a doctor. Ultrasound and electrical stimulation therapy were both ineffective, so the doctors suggested that decompression would be the next reasonable option.

Mark received about 15 decompression treatments throughout the next 30 days, reporting that his chronic back pain subsided significantly after the very first appointment.

“Although my back will probably never be as good as new,” Mark said, “my back pain is gone on all but the most straining of days and doesn't hurt the next day anymore.”

back painWashington woman – Full night’s sleep after initial treatment

Linda S., a patient in Washington, said that she was suffering from a disk extrusion and was prescribed addictive painkillers. She opted not to take the medication and instead to find the best natural therapy available. Linda said that like Mark, she also felt back pain relief after a single decompression treatment. Her range of motion was enhanced as well. The comfort was so obvious, in fact, that she was able to get a full night’s sleep for the first time in months.

Safe, gentle, and non-surgical treatment

Are you suffering from severe back pain, sciatica, or disk issues? Spinal decompression therapy can change your life. However, you need a provider that cares and is fundamentally concerned with your recovery: Envista Neck & Back. Get started today.