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Stem Cell Therapy

Have you heard incredible accounts of stem cell therapy working wonders for someone’s painful condition? If you think stem cell treatments might help you, our team of medical professionals want to provide the facts and options about stem cell treatments available to you so that you can make an informed decision.

If you are considering Stem Cell Therapy, know the facts!
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What is Stem Cell Therapy Shafter

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

The term “stem cell therapy” is commonly used for any treatment utilizing stem cells but isn’t exactly right. Stem cell therapy is the correct term only for treatments that use stem cells from the patient’s body (or the body of a close family member). The cells used in stem cell therapy are most commonly extracted from the patient’s bone marrow or adipose tissue. There are a few things to consider before receiving these stem cell therapies:

  • As the body ages, it’s cells may lose vitality. Stem cells derived from the patient’s body are the patient's age, and the older you are, the less effective treatment with your own cells may be.
  • Bone marrow cells are extracted in a highly invasive, typically painful procedure. A hole is drilled into the patient’s hipbone or femur, opening the patient to the risk of infection and long recovery times.
  • Adipose tissue stem cells, while easier to obtain than those found in bone marrow, may be adversely affected by toxins that collect in fatty tissue.

Stem Cell Treatment Arvin

Treatments that contain Stem Cells

Rather than stem cell therapy that uses the patient’s own stem cells, the doctors at our medical center choose to use Wharton's Jelly-derived cellular treatments. These cells come from Wharton’s jelly, a rich jelly found within infant's umbilical cords. These regenerative treatments utilize Wharton’s Jelly-derived cytokines, growth factors, mesenchymal stem cells, collagens, proteins, peptides, and numerous other healing components.

Although these cells come from outside the patient’s body, the regenerative cell's freshness and vibrancy from umbilical allografts pose a low chance of rejection. These new cells are welcomed into the body and have an immediate calming effect on inflammation as they start the process of tissue regeneration.

Regenerative Cellular Therapy for Pain

Regenerative injections can be highly effective for a variety of painful conditions. The treatment causes very little discomfort and is a safe, all-natural way to avoid surgery and medication. Our patients have had remarkable success with regenerative cells for:

  • Knee injuries (e.g., ACL, meniscus, and more)
  • Rotator cuff injuries and other shoulder problems such as a torn or partially torn labrum
  • Disc problems and most types of back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Elbow pain or pain in other joints
  • Hip pain from bursitis, tendonitis, and other causes
  • Damaged or degraded cartilage
  • Ligament or muscle tears (e.g., MCL tears)
  • Foot conditions

In addition to treatments containing stem cells, we offer a range of therapies that our patients frequently combine into a customized care plan.

If you have been thinking about stem cell therapy in Bakersfield, Shafter, Arvin, or any nearby city in California, call our medical center today at 661-587-0700 for a complimentary consultation to learn more about our regenerative procedure and what it may offer you. Our doctors will help you determine the best treatment option for your particular condition.