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Medical Weight Loss

If you’re having difficulty losing weight, or perhaps you’ve lost weight in the past but then gained it all back, you’re not alone. Most people struggle with weight loss when they try to do it alone. Our integrated team of medical professionals has been helping patients for over 30 years. We provide all of the tools and support that you need to achieve your weight loss goals, and vastly improve your overall health.

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Weight Loss Programs Shafter, CA

Weight Loss Programs

Our medically supervised weight loss programs have helped countless patients learn how to lose weight fast and safely. An effective program for safe, permanent weight loss must take into account the physical, psychological, and medical factors that affect each individual. Our doctors understand that when these three areas are addressed, you can and will lose your excess body weight and keep it off for good.

After a medical evaluation and discussion with one of our experienced doctors, our science-based weight loss program is tailored to your individual needs. Our program will help you lose weight quickly and provide the education and techniques to keep the weight from ever coming back, even after you have completed the program. Most of the customized weight loss plans recommended by our doctors include HCG therapy, vitamin B12 injections, and nutrition and fitness coaching.

What is HCG?

HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, is a natural hormone. HCG is produced during pregnancy to help transport fat within the body to ensure the developing fetus can obtain the required amount of calories. HCG helps make fat more readily accessible as a source of energy for both the baby and the mother.

For more than six decades, HCG has been used medically to help people lose weight. When combined with a carefully planned diet, medically administered HCG shots can promote rapid weight loss. HCG is safe for weight loss for women and men.

Food intake during HCT treatment is focused on your individualized macronutrient requirements while your excess abdominal fat makes up the difference to meet your daily caloric needs. Patients frequently report feelings of increased energy and vitality and none of the intense cravings typically experienced with calorie-restrictive diets.

Vitamin B12 Benefits for Healthy Weight Loss

As part of a medical weight loss program, vitamin B12 injections can play a vital role. An adequate B12 level is an important factor in allowing the body to efficiently convert food into energy. Vitamin B12 also helps promote mental clarity, a strong immune system, and overall health.

Nutrition and Fitness Coaching

Lifestyle habits can be one of the hardest things to change. Learning about how the body functions and what it needs—and doesn’t need—to maintain health throughout your lifetime can be a steady source of motivation once you leave the center.

Our medical team won’t just tell you what to do and expect you to do it, but they will provide you with a lasting understanding of how each aspect of your nutrition and fitness plan is crucial to your long-term success. Understanding how food and exercise affect your individual body can feel quite exciting when you start to see results.

Weight Loss Clinic Arvin, CA

Weight Loss Center

Whatever your reason for wanting to lose weight, our proven weight loss programs can help. Our team is here to support you and cheer you along on your path to a healthier, more energetic future.

If you are in need of medical weight loss in Bakersfield, Shafter, Arvin, or any nearby city in California, call our medical center today at 661-587-0700 for a complimentary consultation.